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KeepMyGolfScore.com Planned Updates to Increase Visitor Traffic and Raise Search Engine Rankings

December 20, 2005

At this beginning of the new year (2006), the KeepMyGolfScore.com golf score tracker will begin to undergo a few major updates. These updates include graphic/visual upgrades, a new golf stats page, graphical displays of recent golf stats, an improved advertiser system, and a redesigned front page. The goal is to improve visitor traffic to the site via Google and the other search engines, to increase new user memberships, and start accumulating online advertisers. In the first full year after the site redesign, KeepMyGolfScore.com has received 1500 member signups. We hope to more than double that number in 2006.

New Stats Page - "Stats Central"

One of the highlights of the update will be the creation of a new "Stats Central" page. Stats Central will contain the most in-depth overall golf stats of the golf score tracker. Here you will find your top 10 rounds of all time (as opposed to the top 3 currently offered), best/worst stats per round, and the new graph displays.

Graph Displays

Another major update will take the form of bar graphs of recent golf stats including score, fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts. The site gives a pretty exhaustive overview of key stats in the form of plain text, and we thought it would be nice to introduce imagery in the form of vertical bar graphs that give a better idea of your ups-and-downs of the past few rounds.

Home Page Redesign

The KeepMyGolfScore.com golf score tracker home page will also be redesigned. The goal will be to try and optimize the front page even further for the keywords "golf score tracker" and "online golf stats" and to offer more advertising opportunities. The front page will now have a spot for a text ad, a small graphic ad, and a large vertical banner ad, the most visible advertising space on the page.

Upgrades to Advertising System

First off, the current advertising section (when users log in) will receive updates. The ads will now specify whether the advertisers are nationwide, state, county, or local (zip code). In addition, advertisers will now be able to include their logo in the ad. As noted above, we will also be offering advertising on the home page as well.

By further optimizing the home page and performing other updates to the site, hopefully our ranking can improve even more on Google and the other search engines. The upgrades to the stats service should keep golfers interested, and the new advertising opportunities should be received well by business-owners. Look for the updates in early 2006 as we get closer to the start of the golf season in the northeast.

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